The Real Story of Ruth the Tooth

The Real Story of Ruth the Tooth is a 3D picture book and a read along record with story and song.

Select Guitars

Some guitars I’ve altered and built from scratch. The Outer Space Steel Guitar was made from scratch, the Frog in the garden acoustic was made from a salvaged children’s guitar, and the Music Birdhouse was made from wood and assemblage pieces.

Giant Beast Paw

This Giant Beast Paw Photo Opp was created for a solo show in Sally Centigrade (now UHF Gallery) in Denver Colorado.

Select Pianos

These steel rod style pianos are inspired by Medieval instrument decoration, and vintage Japanese musical toys. The rabbit one has a nose that squeaks. Made from wood and salvaged parts.

Textile Patterns

Ive designed a number of patterns for clothing and often I use it first as “wallpaper” in an art installation. Some are available as fabric, all over print shirts and apparel.

Tape Cassette Paintings

It started with a piece of wood that was cassette sized and I thought that would be funny to make this rectangular piece of wood look like a sculpture. At this point I have made over a thousand and they are all unique. They are almost always made in the moment and has been a freeing exercise in creativity and color combinations.

Bubble Smoke

Bubble Smoke is a semi-annual coloring book of inked sketches. I named it after the idea behind bubble pipes, and candy cigarettes. I only wish I was that subversive. Honestly it is starting to resemble a clipart book, and I kind of like it.