Lookie House

Lookie House was a crowdfunded temporary outdoor art experience placed in the previous lot with a tire swing on N Mississippi and Freemont in Portland Oregon. It featured an interactive mural, a whale weather vain, legs, and a face. Lookie House was in my feature in the renowned Hi Fructosecontemporary art Magazine Volume 39.

Mural at Portland Syrups

22 feet of mural portraying forest critters having a little R and R in the woodlands just outside of my fair city of Portland Oregon. Painted for the fine folks making the delicious soda and cocktail mixers at Portland Syrups.

Unreal Unicorn Installation at Upper Playground

Unreal unicorn featured a mini mART structure with art and a jar of pickles, a mystery mural that would reveal itself as pieces where purchased of the wall, and a mountain with an abandoned cave that you could roll into on a skateboard on your back and have an indescribable sensory light experience.

Baron’s Trick ‘R Treat at Fright Town

Fright Town was a massive haunted neighborhood built every year in the Portland Colosseum. I had the Honor of collaborating on a candy themed room. The ice cream and cupcake were continually puking sugary goodness.

Mill Ends Park Mural at Ebay

Mill Ends Park (was) the Smallest park in the world measuring 2 feet across and consisting of one tree. Dick Fagan of the Oregon Journal saw a spot in the middle of nato parkway that was supposed to have a light pole in it, but ended up not. He would look out at it on slow news days and imagine leprechauns lived below it. He eventually arranged for it to become a park on St Patrias Day 1976. This is my homage to Mill Ends Park and its lore for the Ebay Mobile office in Portland, Oregon.

Holocene Mini Golf Design Challenge

For a number of years design teams in and around Portland OR would apply and compete to win this mini gold design challenge. This was my contribution, a sort of art deco robot, with in the mouth out the hole action, replete with black lights.